The purpose of a property inspection is to inform and alert the client of the current condition, including the minor and major deficiency of the property.

What I Do:

• A quickly scheduled appointment usually within 48 hours.
• A documented report with over 300 checkpoints that eliminates minor issues and helps you to avoid the costly mistake of purchasing a property with major problem.
• A copy of home maintenance manual is free to download on my website.
• A computer generated report that is sent to you within 24 hours of the completed inspection.

My inspections take 2 to 4 hours to complete from interior to exterior shells of the property, depending on size, complexity and age of the building. I am very sensitive to the needs of first time buyer. I always put myself as the buyer of my clients prospective property. I take extra time to answer all questions about the observation of my client. I do not make any oral representation that are different from, or in addition to what is written on my report. I do not allow anyone else to use or rely on my report without prior written consent of my client. I enter client’s data on a checklist and computer file report, and always welcome questions after you move-in. My inspection is not a contract, warranty or insurance, it is an evaluation and observation of subject property defects

What I Do Not Do:

I do not report on past conditions that appear corrected. I do not inspect for latent defects. Therefore, you should obtain a copy of the seller’s disclosure statement. I do not inspect building codes, soil analysis, adequacy of design, capacity, efficiency size, value, flood plain location, pollution, environmental hazard, unless contracted to do so separately. I do not add or change my inspection report, after my inspection.

Code of Ethics/Integrity

I am dedicated to serving my client, and will always provide a high quality of inspection for my client's satisfaction based on Standard of Practice only. I am not affiliated with any construction business, real estate/broker agency, and real estate lawyers. I will not accept any compensation for all my services from anyone other than my client. I will not disclose my inspection report to anyone or other parties without the approval of my clients.

Willie Works on your Behalf...

Willie makes a comprehensive and detailed inspection report that includes checking inside, outside and all components including mechanical aspects of the property. He also provides the buyer with an opportunity to become familiar with the functions and condition of the home. Willie will inform about home ages and wear & tear of the subject property for the buyer’s best interest. His physical inspection of a newly constructed home will ensure that the builder has not overlooked any details. He will determine if the house meets industry standards or requires any last minute fixes that should be completed before the sale is final. Willie works on your behalf to ensure you have unbiased information before making that important purchase.

My Inspection Report

A visual report of any parts of the system which are not functioning, needing repairs and recognized hazard at the time of inspection. A computerized summary report including photos of major deficiency.

" 90% of my business is referred by "word of mouth" from satisfied clients. I perform inspections seven days a week, after working hours, or weekends and holidays. Free follow-up telephone conference for as long as you own your home. "


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