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Previous Inspection

Recent home inspection with broker, Carmen Manuel of United Real Estate-Chicago        

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Recent Inspection

My recent home inspection with Celia Cortez a Licensed Broker/ Agent with client in Frankfort, Illinois          

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First time Homebuyer, “Just blessed!”

In my eyes, Willie is the  “Super Inspector” A real giant amidst a sea of people that are all about the mighty dollar and with absolutely no, pride in their work! He is polite and professional and will forever be a part of this family!   How do I begin to tell my story but

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Rating And Recommendation

We survey everyone who has worked with this provider on a Redfin deal. There are two clients who have worked with a Redfin agent or Redfin partner agent who have not yet responded to their survey.        

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Message from the Inspector

  The Building Inspections This building inspection is being conducted in accordance with nationally recognized standard of practice and is for the purpose of identifying major deficiencies which might effect your decision whether to purchase, Although minor problems may be mentioned, this report does not attempt to list them all. I am urging you to

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” 90% of my business is referred by “word of mouth”

The written reports include the following: structural condition, basement, electrical, plumbing, water heater, heating and cooling, kitchen built-in appliances, general interior, including ceilings, walls and windows, insulation and ventilation, general exterior including roof, gutters, chimney, driveway and grading. areas included in inspection are air conditioning, attics, bathrooms, built-in appliances, ceilings, chimneys, decks, dining rooms, doors,

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Why you need an experienced home inspector?

  The minor problems of properties today won’t be a major problem tomorrow if you have an EXPERIENCED PROPERTY INSPECTOR! A vital need for every buyer, seller, homeowner, and realtor… WHY?     • To enable the realtors to mediate between seller and buyer in their negotiations. • To protect buyers in their prospective investment.

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